Saturday, September 27th, 2008

The city makes me sort of jumpy anymore, at night anyway. It’s like I’ve become country folk. I’m wearing foam earplugs just to walk down Delancey, back towards the train. I went to see and hear Theresa Andersson at the Bowery. Soul music, so pure. We may do a field recording tomorrow, if we get it together logistically.

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It’s a seriously misty foggy Friday evening in New York City. I snapped this photo from the car heading up the FDR… tis one of Olafur Eliasson’s mechanical waterfalls on the East River — funded by NYC’s ‘public art fund.’ My first impression of them, upon installation a few months ago was that they looked a bit, well, mechanical. I’d been blown away by his gigantic glowing sun installation at the Tate Modern in London five years ago. But as weeks have passed, I’ve seen the waterfalls in all their water-falling moods. Refracting dusky pink skies as seen from the Belt Parkway, glistening rather majestically in the first bits of morning sun in DUMBO. Or misting in slow motion through an Autumn fog, like tonight. I get it now, bro. Thank you for thinking of us. Please don’t become an accountant for the health benefits and 401k.

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