Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Ash in a Dusktime mis-en-scene in the Jindabyne/Threadbo area on our way back from snowboarding on Mount Perisher. We’re all four staying in individual cabins on the grounds of the Stationhouse Resort, where tomorrow’s show will be. Each of our rooms has six beds in it, and it’s feeling kind of ‘The Shining’ to me, as it’s the tail end of ski season and we’re among the few people staying up here.

Move over, waterboarding — there’s a new instrument of torture that’s all the rage: first-time snowboarding. I mean, I’m a decent natural athlete with a can-do attitude, but my first snowboarding experience was a humbling affair. Maybe because Ash ‘reckoned’ I should just start at the top of a fairly steep hill and give it a go. Luckily my back-end was well-padded with a week’s worth of Aussie meat pies and roadhouse burgers. Snowboarding’s no substitute for surfing in my book, but I do dig it enough to want to learn to be one with the mountain. Maybe just not anytime soon. Actually, maybe tomorrow. As I write this, it’s 1:30am, and my headcold has become almost comically irrelevant. This trip’s just kind of bizarre.

Ash (Grunwald) and me in a shop in Coomba shopping for snowboarding gear. The boys and I had woken at 7am in our rented house in Goulburn and headed towards the mountains to go snowboarding on our day off. Turns out shopping for gloves and thermals was the easy part.

Then, as I photographed the blue jellyfish, its primary appendage (head?) poked up and gazed back at the sea with a sort of ‘right, now how shall I get back amongst it?’ look about it. I know the feeling. Still too damned cold to swim.

This gorgeous blue blob washed up at my feet on the ocean rocks I was on. Click the image to gaze really closely…it’s so worth it.

Me and my buddy Benny Owen on the beach at Newcastle where we had brekkie before heading back South.

This pic feels like the vibe of Newcastle’s shoreline to me. There are coal operations here; word is, the Japanese buy as much Aussie coal as possible and just dump it into their bays to store it.