April 2009

Swineflutastic at JFK airport.

So what if Allison ‘isn’t likeable enough’ or ‘doesn’t have the will to win’ (supposedly; but any 17-yr-old who can deliver the way she does clearly has confidence to spare). She’s a potent, thrilling singer who I’m happy to waste my vote on. Go kid go!

The end of a long lovely day gardening whilst baking in the heat of the courtyard.

Today was the first hot day of the New York springtime. New Yorkers were scattered about everywhere. I found a mature purple-ish columbine plant to bring back to the courtyard.

Among the most stunning lift-off scenes I’ve witnessed in years of flying. Also the first time I’ve used wireless internet access on an airplane – a phenomenon that will be, within four or so years, the equivalent of ‘Remember how exciting we thought it was when Pac-Man came out on the Atari 2600?’

The big news story down here this week is that 21 polo horses died from a lab error in mixing a health supplement.

I saw the most charming mutant pigeon today. Instead of being a dingy black and grey, (s)he was a pristine chocolate brown and white. I tried to snap a pic before the dogs terrorized her/him.

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