Today is the second day of Spring in Australia. I love this country for countless reasons, but foremost is the fact that the Aussies will find any excuse to swim in, bask by, or conduct a sport on just about any body of water they can sniff out. Case in point: ‘Cooks River,’ a narrow little channel that runs behind my hotel at the airport. In New York, an industry-lined, creek-like little river like this would be a beacon for flashers and discarded medical supplies. But here in Oz, despite the chill in the air (I’m wearing a scarf), I watch a couple guys park their cars in the lot of the ‘St. George Rowing Club,’ unstrap their kayaks from the roof, and head down the ramp towards the water, barefoot. It’s 2:30 AM in New York. Tomorrow, my tour with Ash Grunwald begins. The Australian roots music magazine, Rhythms, will be publishing excerpts and photos from my tour journal – i.e. this website – in the next issue, alongside a cover story about Ash, so I’ll
endeavor to keep soulful navel-gazing to a minimum. Some gorgeous beaches and venues lie ahead, and if experience holds – slews of sweet people.