December 2009

And ginger and vanilla and mint – Bittersweet. Warm wishes for ’10.

Glug glug glug

Digging the song ‘Need You Now’ by Lady Antebellum. Been hearing it on
country radio down in Florida and it became the first song I
downloaded onto my iPhone.

Wintry madness on the Pennslvania roadways means my first ever Xmas
not spent in Pittsburgh. Nevertheless blessed by the company of loved
ones here in DC. My bro played lots classic hip-

Really digging the North. First time north since hitting Florida in
October. At the airport in DC yesterday the human energy sizzled.

Blog posting delay was due to a technology shift; I’m typing from a
glossy white iPhone. An Xmas prezzie I didn’t ask for (I wanted carbon
credits). Yow!

..a rather brisk 59F degree morning.

To feel at home as I miss the first big Winter storm up North.

Looking everywhere online for an animated singing toy with soul for my nefoo’s xmas present. No luck..

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