May 2009

As a friend noted about this luscious cool evening with a waxing moon: it feels more like September than May. Listening to Indian classical music — Abida Parveen — out in the garden on a Sunday evening.

Life swarming everywhere in Brooklyn today. Yeah.

A marvelous pink glow blasted through the airplane windows as a bunch of strangers and I flew out over the Atlantic at dusk.


This part of Palm Beach County is young, so young. It was swampland til the 60s, after which it was slathered in beige structures. Nothing I recognize as a neighborhood. I took a sort of cold comfort when I ran across this construction site because at first glance it seemed to contain some character… depth, blight, renewal… A little life force, a little history…something. In reality it’s a new construction; in a couple months it’ll be beige.

South Florida’s been poured upon for days and days. On the plane, a local told me a good lightening/golf joke:

What’s the safest thing to do if you get caught out on the golf course in a thunder and lightening storm?

..take out a 1 iron and wave it around in the air. Even God can’t hit a 1 iron.

I can’t shake Lionel Ritchie’s ‘All Night Long’ from my mind.

The Johnny Mann Singers. Roger Williams. Brass Impact. Albums from the ’60s that my mom was revisiting tonight. She kept texting me pics of the album covers.

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