One of those starker touring days. Feverish sickness in my ears and throat, some sad family news from back home, and the realization during soundcheck that my iPod – which contains the backing tracks for my show – was stolen from front of the stage in Sydney last night. So I played tonight’s set stripped down, just me and my lap steel, loud. In the front row were are a couple who listened ever so intently as if the din of the rowdy pub crowd didn’t exist. I tuned into the pair right away and found myself playing mostly for them. Afterward they said they’d love to have me come up to Nelson Bay sometime to ‘minister’ to their four daughters. Just play the guitar for them. Be around. I could stay as long as I liked. They have two goats. Australians can be beautiful that way.

P.S. If you’re in the U.S., the Lifetime Channel show “Army Wives,” airing tonight at 10pm, is going to feature my song “It’s Not Over.”