February 2010

Haven’t seen one of these crazy ‘glory skies’ in awhile… in the
Summer here they’re a daily thing.


Learning about racing, quick-like. A crash course, if you will.

Tonight got a surprise voicemail from Arlingtom Virginia’s two best
live music fans, Po and Scott. To see where I’ve been. A blast from my
other life, which I’m reeling back in slow-like.

Snagged some blooms from a nursery packed with plant life. Played both
guitars a bit; on the steel, found myself aping ZZ Top. Huh.

Reading the FT. Reshuffled the room where the studio is, finally got
to really crank the lap steel.

From bedroom, hearing the faint rumbles of an Elvis impersonator at
the italian restaurant over the wall. I’d go snap a pic but it’s cold.

compact but effective. i hope.

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