June 2009

Sailor and Tunes fondly bid adieu to their uncle Drew, yet another New Yorker exiled by the recession and fleeing to a more affordable city…
And a bit of songwriting progress on the never-ending rehab of ‘You’re Coming With Me’… I dropped I the key a half step so that I’m not reaching so hard for the high notes.

Bach’s mass in B Minor. A welcome aural consolation prize after my own thwarted Sunday evening demo session.

Such dramatic skies tonight…surreally yellow then red-orange, all vast and odd, mild like between tornados.

I loved being back at the Lakeside, consorting with some musician comrades. Real live ‘uns, too! Unlike my usual nightly musical companions, Bach and Otis and the like.

Braved Times Square to take a chance on some theatre: ‘Stunning.’ And it sure was. Didn’t have to talk myself into digging it, as is typically the case with theatre.

Same song re-write during day, same Bach at night.

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