The audience at Canberra had an open vibe and the sound system was slammin so I really enjoyed performing. During his show, Ash took some sick guitar solos. Before the show, Benny the drummer told me all about his life on his own Fantasy Island. He’s one of 12 residents of a tiny island off the Gold Coast. He catches rainwater for drinking and uses a generator for electricity. He and his girl are as happy as clams out there (how are we so sure that clams are happy, anyway). It was Ash’s birthday, so after the show we drove him to the highest darkest point in Canberra for a downhill night skate. As the sole maternal type on the tour, I fully opposed such risky behaviour, but in the end only a modest amount of blood was shed in the name of glory, and I rather enjoyed watching him carve up the road from the safety of the van.