My musical project, The Last Town Chorus, has been touring alot, which has only amplified my obsession with my mobile phone/PDA, a Palm Treo 700p 755p and all that it allows me to do. For example, I can take a photo of a piece of cherry pie I’m eating at the Norske Nook in Osseo, Wiscosin, and have it on this site in 30 seconds. So I will.

(A couple notes: 1. This daily-live-posting thing began on September 22, 2007. I’ve also been lassoing in some older stuff as time allows. 2. Now that I have all six of you gathered here, I’d like to use this public forum to drop a little knowledge about the hospice movement — a compassionate care option for people at the end of their lives — and their families. Hospice is dear to my heart, and I wish more people knew about it. Visit HERE if you’re curious, or write to me directly).

Thanks for coming around.


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11 Responses to “About This Site”

  1. DrewDogg Says:

    So I guess the Treo was worth hoofin’ it for 50 blocks to get ‘er back. Obsession necessitates vigilance, young turk.

  2. Yann Says:

    Allo Megan,

    Tu sais que t’as l’oeil pour la photo… vraiment les cadrages, impeccable !!!

    à bientôt,


  3. mat g Says:

    Megan, saw you in Vancouver.( the only person there that new your work) I got you another fan.
    Love the other cd as well. tell u more later.


  4. mat g Says:

    typo… knew… not new

  5. meganfromthelasttownchorus Says:

    (Please pardon and ignore the following random GoogleSpew: oakmont riverview megan hickey virgil grissom pittsburgh huntsville brooklyn)Thank you.

  6. Hi Megan,
    My Pa, Chris Gough just emailed and said you might be touring a little through New Zealand soon. I have a wee cafe come restaurant with my partner Tim and we occasionally have gigs here. We listen to your album Wire Waltz almost daily – it is what we like to put on when we need some comforting from the sometimes crazy hospitality assault – although some days we restrain ourselves from playing it as we like it too much to wear it out. So you may have gathered by now that we would really love to have you come and play here, we can feed and accommodate you (we make really good food, and we live upstairs). Send us an email sometime if this sounds good to you.

  7. Love, love, love it. If you ever get to the Texas Hill Country would love to see you live and I know my buddies will too! Keep us in mind. . . .

  8. Michael in SF Says:


    I thoroughly enjoyed your performance at the Independent on Tuesday. It was a true joy for me to meet you as well.

    I forgot to offer a suggestion regarding the name for your instrument. I really like sluice. What do you think?

    I am looking forward to your next release, and to seeing you perform again.

    Next time you’re planning to be in SF please let me know, and I’ll attempt to make your stay comfortable.

    Thank you for “loading every rift with ore” both lyrically and musically!


  9. COLT Says:

    Still i sit hear down under waiting watching… come back Megan…

  10. Chaste Says:

    Remeber these times well, for soon they will be memories…

  11. Bit late to the party (I got Wire Waltz six years ago on a whim because I liked the cover, listened to half a song, and then put it away). Turns out I just wasn’t ready for it, because something told me to pull it out again, and it’s been my favorite for a couple years now.

    This is the closest thing I’ve found to the feeling of sitting on the roof of my English countryside house, looking at the lights of my hometown in the distance at 2am and feeling my heart slowly breaking.
    I’ve been out of there for a decade now, but your album caters to that nostalgia too. Just stunning.

    I wanted to say thank you for that. It’s a tough thing to put your finger on, but you did it. Hope all is well 🙂

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