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Boy this canal sure throws off some felony-grade stink.

I downloaded a 10 year-old Tipsy album today. It’s electronic candy. My favorite electronic candy of the last year is Girl Talk, the madcap mash-up maestro… who, incidentally, probably roots for the Steelers too.

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New York, NY: I’m Watching YAZ Perform Live

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If you’d asked me a year ago where I’d go in a musical time machine, I’d’ve answered: a steamy London club circa ’82 to hear Alison Moyet belt over Vince Clark’s electronic pop masterpieces (or perhaps the rooftop in ‘Let it Be’). Anyway, here is Yaz, freakin it 25 feet in front of me in a reunion in NYC. It’s like I’m 17 again, dancing at Club X in Pittsburgh (only more tired from standing). Vince’s songs transcend the electronica ghetto…they’re no less than Motown hits rendered in synth glory. Glorious.

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New Yorkers really do think they can haggle with anyone – even Mother Nature – trying to force her hand on the whole ‘Springtime’ issue by holding
farmer’s markets in the freezing cold. Meanwhile in my studio, I’m pleasantly arm-wrestling with my synth and sequencing software. I’m discovering and listening to an awful lot of the infectious
global-music-in-an-electronic-blender wizardry of artists like Balkan Beat Box and Gotan Project.

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Once in a while our brains seem unusually receptive to incoming sound, and every tone that floods in sounds hyper-musical, three-dimensional…almost edible. At sunset, I made, and marvelled at, a shuffled playlist of Oscar Peterson and Nina Simone. Then classical piano (Debussy, Chopin)…and gypsy electronic remix stuff. Even some of that mystical resonating bell stuff is working for me (and maybe even aligning my dog’s chakras!) as the night fades. Maybe the truly great makers of music always have ears like this.

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Once again back at Old Town Music, and once again haunted by a hollow metal unwordly-sounding lap steel that I deeply desire in my soul. The same model (Rickenbacker Electro) that I saw here five years ago here for mere pocket change, compared to its current price. Kicked myself ever since, and now must keep kicking, even harder. So tired of being haunted by this guitar.

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