May 2009

A lil ‘Harold and Maude’ dream-flash on the entrance to FDR Drive.


Ventured into dizzying Times Square (is this really my town?) to see ‘Exit the King’ on Broadway; this dubious photo resulted. The show was a farcical rumination on mortality. I rarely go to theatre, but having a friend of a friend in the show made it make sense to go. I feel like a tourist in my own city anymore. Felt this way for a few years now.

‘That’s Alright, Mama.’ – Elvis

It was a grey misty Smiths-type day. But I didn’t listen to The Smiths. I did, however, think briefly about New Order.

in the garden

Sigh. Anyhow I downloaded some Louis Armstrong today, from the ‘Hot Fives and Sevens’ collection.

I’m sure digging this latest Lee Scratch Perry album. Scott worked on it at Headgear. What deep sounds. And a radically rad mix.

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