May 2009

I can’t shake Lionel Ritchie’s ‘All Night Long’ from my mind.

The Johnny Mann Singers. Roger Williams. Brass Impact. Albums from the ’60s that my mom was revisiting tonight. She kept texting me pics of the album covers.

..still sitting in a neighbor’s courtyard.

Okay I screeched like a teenager when I realized that Adam’s tender rendition of ‘Beth’ could only mean one thing: in mere moments, a veritable shock-and-awe display of thundering pyrotechnics would yield a fully bemakeuped KISS, and Adam would stomp up in his platform boots to join them in a rock-n-roll firestorm. Hm. I guess he and Danny drew straws to decide who would get KISS… and who would get the medley with Lionel Richie…

..some days I simply have nothing to give… but for a tender dog photo.

This morning, a lawyer buddy gave me a huge Bluefish that he caught yesterday on Long Island. He said he was out at dawn on the end of a jetty, alone, when the water all around him began to percolate wildly — he reeled in 12 of these beasts, one after the other. A day later I was filleting one of them and grilling him/her over charcoal. I always think of fish as male. I wonder if I’m alone in that.

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