April 2009

The big news story down here this week is that 21 polo horses died from a lab error in mixing a health supplement.


I saw the most charming mutant pigeon today. Instead of being a dingy black and grey, (s)he was a pristine chocolate brown and white. I tried to snap a pic before the dogs terrorized her/him.

I knew full well that heavy rains were en route. But like an impetuous 7-year old, I planted tons of seeds out back yesterday. Now they’re drowning – it’s a garish flood plain out there, with no reprieve in sight. Even the ceiling’s leaking slow. But I’m lucky to have a largely dry place to sleep. Unlike my (sniff) seeds.

I planted a bunch of seeds today. Then I checked the weather forecast and learned that we’ll be battered by rains tomorrow. I may have to bring pots inside. I downloaded some of Chopin’s etudes – Op. 10 and Op. 25. That guy slays me.

Started my courtyard gardening today. It was almost 70F degrees out here – I listened to country radio over the internet. Country music has so many artists with serious longevity. I find it comforting to hear the same voices year after year.

I met up with a friend who was turning over the soil for her little 5′ x 5′ plot in a community garden near my place. These gardens are usually one house (or rowhouse) plots -this one was built after a rowhouse was razed by fire.

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