Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Ruh-roh. Almost midnight. One minute we think we’re a few minutes from much longed-for hotel beds earned by a show and a long day. Next minute we’re waiting for the Norfolk Police to arrive after our van’s trailer nearly shreds off a car’s door after a woman clumsily opened it into moving traffic. The hotel turned out to be a popular destination for Norfolk navy guys on shore leave. It’s Saturday night. Amen for earplugs.

I woke with my voice back and lots of energy for a longish sunny ride south to Virginia. It’s rare that a city owns and operates a performance venue. The City of Norfolk operates seven. Chris (an Aussie) and Scott do some adventurous programming, even without the promotional advantage of a local Triple A radio station or even a newsweekly. Theresa Andersson plays next in this series… she’s the bestest! The Attucks theatre felt a bit haunted. Sounded terrific in there. The crowd was very warm. I like the South.