Friday, February 20th, 2009

World Cafe Live was at capacity tonight. Singing felt like a knife in my throat. But I sure liked watching lil’ Kathleen Edwards and lil’ Jimmy Bryson and lil’ Gord Tough. The Lil’ Canadians.

Karl Mullen gave me this beautiful painting he made.

Feels good to be in my home state of Pennsylvania. The longtime radio and TV voice of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Paul Steigerwald, was at the show at World Cafe and was converted into a fan during my set despite my having about 23% of my voice (grrrr). I remember his brother John being ‘the TV sports guy’ during my childhood. I didn’t have a Penguins hat to pose with but the Steelers cap worked in a pinch.

I’m transfixed to stand in the tiny room where the Continental Congress met for the first time in 1774. Reps from 12 of the 13 colonies converged to figure out how to agitate against their mother country. How to organize and govern. Washington. Adams x 2. Franklin built a library upstairs and made a deal with the French. Just a tiny little building and only a short while ago…nine or so generations?

Another slow news day. Still sick, almost zero voice. We drove 6 hours down to Philly. I laid in my hotel bed reading about Philadelphia’s early American history. The room service Philly cheese steak was of dubious authenticity. Tomorrow’s bound to be more thrilling.