Sunday, January 18th, 2009

"Pittsburgh’s going to the,
Super Bowl"

from the ‘Ode of Martina McBride’
-Byron, 1817

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Reading a book by Jaques Barzun about 500 years of Western Cultural life. The Renaissance poet, Tasso, was imprisoned in a lunatic asylum for seven years… by his royal patron. Byron addressed the patron, Duke Ferrara, in an 1817 poem written from Tasso’s voice:

"I make a future temple of my present cell,
Which nations yet shall visit for my sake.
While thou, Ferrara, when no longer dwell
The ducal chiefs within thee, shalt fall down,
And crumbling piecemeal view thy hearthless halls–
A poets wreath shall be thine only crown,
A poet’s dungeon thy most far renown."

Byron, ‘The Lament of Tasso,’ 1817