Stack by stack, I’m digitizing my CD collection. Later, I’ll sell them all, keeping only my ‘Hot 100’ – desert island albums and a handful whose artwork matters to me. Unlike many, losing the ‘physicality’ of recorded music product doesn’t sadden me… Because as I see it, we aren’t losing it. We’re just trading in all those bulky molecules to make way for speeding bits of sound, and blowing open the hatch to full-blown science fictionesque scenes… instead of small square artworks accompanying a silver disc, musicians will give listeners whole worlds to enter alongside the music… visuals will move in three dimensions, bands will perform in your living room, eventually you’ll even smell cloves and taste the salt air of a band’s hometown, if they want you to. Virtual worlds. All this, delivered in 1s and 0s. Rather instantly, at that. It’s gonna get curiouser and curiouser. We’re well on our way, but it’ll take our molecules (our creative minds, business models, and technology-adop
tion) some time to align with the vast new world of possibilities.

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