This is a pic from soundcheck at the circus tent-esque venue on Pier 17 was a mere canoe ride south of the Brooklyn Bridge. Laura Cantrell invited me and a few other chicks to join her at Spiegeltent at the South Street Seaport to perform songs by lost lady artists. What a thrill for me to hear Theresa Andersson (New Orleans via Sweden) belt like a possessed gospel singer (I’m so going to go see her perform this Thursday at Sullivan Hall). Jenny Scheinman rocked too, and as it turns out, she plays every week at Barbes in my neighborhood… How have I missed her? A few of us marvelled after the show that we hadn’t been aware of one another until tonight. It’s curious to me that the event’s concept — to exalt talented and oft-influential female artists who’d flown under the radar in their creative primes — was just was applicable to the women who performed. Chicks engaging in oft-lonely warfare in the melodious and harrowing trenches of the music business. No well-trod path, no security, no 401k plan. Guts, with or without Glory.

I had a blast singing a Buffy Sainte-Marie song with a great band. I have a video clip which I’ll maybe post. I sung the other song poorly, twas as flat as the pre-Columbus Earth. It was a more delicate and melodic song, and I rather foolishly didn’t ask the soundguy to turn up my vocals in the stage monitor. I didn’t want to seem like a Diva.

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