Take a moment, won’t you, to imagine that you’d driven all the way across the country, only to realize upon arrival that the emergency brake had been engaged all the while. Yes – you knew something was a bit peculiar the whole trip, but you weren’t going to let mechanical woes drag you down on such an occassion as this… no, you’d focus on taking in every breathtaking mountain view, reading every brown Historical Landmark sign, and intuitively sensing which exits had Starbucks. You made the best of it, Clark Griswold style. Occassionally, when it grew late and the lines in the road started to blur, you weakened a bit, and kicked yourself for not having had the oil changed every 10,000 miles. Chastized yourself for electing to buy a car that hadn’t been engineered by the Germans or Japanese. Screw it, you even thought once at 2 AM as your car grinded away from the McDonald’s drive-thru window: the modern automobile is just a carbon-spewing toy for lazy priveleged people anyway, and maybe you should move to an eco-sensitive town and take up biking, maybe even give up Slim Jims, Coke Classic and other heavily processed foods and beverages. Start a brand new life. Finally, after a week spent on highways, you arrived at your destination, on the other side of the country. The hotel’s parking attendant greeted you with a smile, handed you a parking receipt hopped in the driver’s seat of your running car, released the hand brake and pulled away, leaving you standing in a putrid cloud that smelled decidedly like burning brake pads. The handbrake. The handbrake. That’s about how I feel, after spending two months of writing and recording sessions in some sort of bad-rhythm vortex. Now that I’ve discovered and dealt with the tiny hardware quirk that was wreaking havoc with a few-millisecond lag during recording, today’s session with Byron was just plain easy, good, and right. Pure pleasure. Ideas were had, then executed, and the results sounded great. And as Byron said, we
all have our Mojo back — turns out we actually CAN play instruments in time with a beat. And I actually CAN engineer and produce music. I’m finally excited about these songs and this album again. It shouldn’t take long now. I’m sorry. I’m a girl, how was I supposed to know where the emergency brake was.

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