The world isn’t flat after all. Today I found a glitch in my recording software that’s been absolutely crippling the progress of my recording and editing sessions. I’d begun to think I’d gone mad. When we’d record in conjunction with beats or synthesized sounds that I’d programmed (in Reason), the timing of the recorded tracks just felt … Wrong. Turns out, there’s a barely perceptible time lag when the Reason sounds fed through my recording software in real-time…so everything we recorded to that beat sounded late when it was played back. We would re-track the same part countless times, manually adjusting our playing to compensate, and I’d still have to edit to sync things. All unnecessary. I’m crushed to think of the wasted hours and money, but I’m ultimately thrilled that the mystery is solved. Recording will be boatloads simpler from here. I’m finally feeling like the finish line is visible.

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