Brooklyn, NY: Less Things

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My CDs seem so ambivalent towards me. In waves, I digitize, then rid of, batches of them. I may keep my favorite 100 or so in a flip-book. My vinyl collection, however, is nagging me to keep it around. It’s not a valuable collection, but it’s well-curated and well-maintained. If a decent buyer came around, methinks I’d part with the discs, maybe keep a handful like the icelandic-language version of the Sugarcubes’ second album (“Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week”) pressed on silver vinyl. Today was a gloriously grey Sunday. I organized and cleaned for hours and can’t wait to wake early and hit the studio. I changed my plan to go to the beach yesterday, only to learn tonight that yesterday New York City’s seas swept up a surreal number of swimmers…something like four dead, three missing, three rescued.

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