Brooklyn, NY: Red Tail Lights

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I spent an hour fixing my Ernie Ball VP JR volume pedal, using a bent paper clip to thread string onto a tightly-wound spring and a couple pulleys. Pitched cardboard shipping boxes that studio gear came in weeks ago. Made lists. Corresponded with Laura about what songs I’ll perform in her very intriguing musical program in a few weeks (she may finally have given me the much-longed-for excuse to perform a Buffy-Sainte Marie song). Published the dates of my September Australian tour with Ash Grunwald. Downloaded my monthly allocation of songs from (…Prokofiev piano… reggae from Mick Hucknall’s label…Django Reinhardt). Ran errands in the heat using my minivan which desperately requires a new front left ball joint. Today, ’twas simply too hot to consider holing up in my studio.

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