Our show at Aladdin Theatre in Portland is the end of the line, for now. My flight back to New York is at 7am. I’ve spent almost a month touring with Kathleen Edwards and the boys – Jim Bryson, Joel Anderson, John Dinsmore, Colin Cripps, Tom Brown, Damon Limeback and Paul Mahar. Regardless of which city we woke up in on a given day, some things were the same – gobs of music being listened to and performed, marvellous camraderie that oft resulted in me crying laughing, and an almost creepy sense of collective determination to find the Starbucks location nearest to the tour bus upon waking up. I’ll miss these cats, but we’ll stay in touch, and as for Kathleen, I’ll forever be the proud and slightly crazed family member cheering from the sideline as she unleashes new modes of musical bad-ass-ness on an unsuspecting world. I’m tired, but I feel seriously energized to work on my next album over the Summer.