April 2008

The composer Berlioz hated sitting for this portrait, because the painter, Gustave Courbet, kept singing Berlioz his song ideas.

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Ridiculously green morning, room temperature breezes. I went on an early
morning walk/Stevie Wonder bender before heading indoors for the day to

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Whilst grilling out steaks, I finally listened to Kathleen Edwards’ new album “Asking for Flowers” properly, and find it captivating. I won’t mind a bit hearing her and the band play nightly — I leave to join the tour a week from today. It starts in Indianapolis and ends in Portland, Oregon. I’m in the middle of producing my backing tracks – feels rather right.

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Finally letting my brother school me… Eric B. And Rakim ‘Let The Rhythm Hit Em,’ Dr. Dre ‘Chronic 2001,’ Nas ‘Illmatic,’ Biggie ‘Who Shot Ya (Remix).’ Even has me using his Roland SP-606 sampler/drum machine/sequencer.

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“Thousands of assorted circuits, capacitors, chips… all prepared to execute musical marching orders issued forth from the spirit-addled brain of Man!”

– Anonymous Late 18th Century Poet

At the new ‘Brooklyn Flea’ market, I found a crucifix whereupon Jesus is the color of an Australian blue grouper fish. !Pretty!

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I’m fully under the spell of the sufi singing of Abida Parveen (video here. Just for kicks, pretend you’re her hands). It flashes me back to Singapore, 2002, a wickedly humid noontime in Little India, jasmine and diesel scents hanging in the thick air, browsing at little CD shop, asking the clerk to suggest a female devotional singer, him pointing right to Abida Parveen from Pakistan. After an hour of absorbed listening and talking…Abida, Bollywood, Bhimsen Joshi…as I walked back outside into the heat, the shop owner blasted The Last Town Chorus on the outdoor speakers behind me, the music weaving into the color-soaked cacaphony of Serangoon Road. Gotta find a temple in Jackson Heights.

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