Kathleen and her band are freakin’ sweethearts, as Canadians are wont to be. Touring with them’s going to be a blast. Pictured with me are a faux-serious Jim Bryson, who I ate lots of bacon with on The Weakerthans tour last year, and drummer Joel, who actually uttered to me the words: “he knows what it takes” (with regards to Mick Fleetwood’s drumming). I’ll be travelling with them on their tour bus and performing a whole tour by myself for the first time… just me onstage alone with a lap steel guitar and a pile of
electrical boxes that, hopefully, do things I suggest. A generic mystical deiety visited me in my dreams while I was in Australia, to insist that I try this experiment, and promised me that it was all going to work out just great. (Sent from my mobile phone).