Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Kathleen and her band are freakin’ sweethearts, as Canadians are wont to be. Touring with them’s going to be a blast. Pictured with me are a faux-serious Jim Bryson, who I ate lots of bacon with on The Weakerthans tour last year, and drummer Joel, who actually uttered to me the words: “he knows what it takes” (with regards to Mick Fleetwood’s drumming). I’ll be travelling with them on their tour bus and performing a whole tour by myself for the first time… just me onstage alone with a lap steel guitar and a pile of
electrical boxes that, hopefully, do things I suggest. A generic mystical deiety visited me in my dreams while I was in Australia, to insist that I try this experiment, and promised me that it was all going to work out just great. (Sent from my mobile phone).

I’m feelin’ Kathleen Edwards and her gang of melodically raucous Canadians moving the molecules, shaking the balcony floorboards of Irving Plaza. Beautifully gritty, hard-driving stuff. I’ll be spending most of May on tour with them… our bus shall set sail in the Midwest, then glide from the Southwest all the way up the West coast of The United States of America. Sweet. (Sent from my mobile phone.)