Less than two years ago, I swapped the creature comforts of the corporate world for a gamble on a career in the music business. As evidenced by my ample physical proportions, I don’t yet qualify as a ‘starving artist’ — but the sacrifices are real, and they do feel stultifying at times. Tonight my hombre D. took me out for billiards and a hibachi dinner with the express purpose of begging me to keep the faith. D. is himself an epic natural-born storyteller who in his own words has “sold his soul to The Man” for years rather than risk failure as a writer. His sense of regret is palpable. He vows to personally beat me down if I stray from my creative calling. Luckily for me, ‘The Man’ compensates D. pretty well for his soul, because our filet mignon was grilled to tender perfection.

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