I was graciously mailed a sleek maroon-colored iPod Shuffle – an unexpected gift from someone in Canada who likes my music (merci!). Tonight I loaded the gorgeous lil’ gadget up with a bunch of incendiary hip-hop music, clipped it to my black Hello Kitty hoodie and took a chilly nighttime run under the streetlights of my neighborhood,  feeling, as I so yearned to feel, like a modern-day, female version of ROCKY…i.e. all sweaty and awash with productive rage and resilience in the face of crappy odds. (P.S., if you’ve been wondering how best to close that ‘Black Panther anthems’ gap in your WASP-y music collection, consider the work of rapper Paris — ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ is a rippin’ single from the 90s, and he created an album with a reunited Public Enemy a couple years back).

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