Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

This is the “holy sh*t!” view from the pool deck of the apartment where I’m staying in Sydney til next week. My camera situation isn’t sorted out yet, so I’m posting this photo that was taken a few weeks ago by my host, on a day when The Queen Victoria ocean liner was docked across from the Sydney Opera House. It’s brilliant early Autumn here; very warm, very humid – even a t-shirt felt cloying. I started my day with a fruity Australian brekky and flat white coffee then went straight on to do a radio show on 2SER FM. I’m not tired yet, but my brain has just begun burning in that creepy existentially-horrified way that it does when I’m jet- lagged. At least I know that it ends eventually. (I mean the brain-burning sensation. Um.) I love Australia.

At the flight layover in LAX, the airport shops are giving me a preliminary infusion of the quirky color-splashed coastal vibe that I’ll find all over Australia. In that spirit, I picked up some cheap whimsical bracelets that make shell-like sounds. Time to forget about New York for a couple weeks. I’m shooting for sun poisoning within 72 hours.

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