February 2008

New York wakes up to pristene snow, and falls asleep to dirty slush. Today
some of my U.S. tour dates with Kathleen Edwards were announced. We’ll spend
most of May performing in warm places. She’s a musical badass, so I’m really
looking forward to it. Plus, the tour will reunite me with Jim Bryson,
Kathleen’s collaborator and tourmate, whose fedora and natural charm
endeared me to him during the Weakerthans tour last fall. I’m deeply
enjoying this time home in New York, but I’ve learned that I feel worlds
saner about having choosen this career when I’m in some kind of physical
circuit with other humanoids – whether at live shows, recording, whatever.
Outside that circuit, it’s too easy to lose the plot.

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For the nine years I’ve lived on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn, nothing much has happened in the vacant lot across the street. Today, a tall crane appeared: And it’s making things happen. The crane works without whining, wishing or worrying; without a single word of wisdom from Oprah. Sometimes the crane’s jaws seemed to creak open into a grimmace that mocked the feebleness of my will — but of course that can’t be true, because the crane was far too busy to even notice me standing there. Finally, I yelled over to it: “HAVE YOUR PEOPLE CALL MY PEOPLE.”

No word back yet… Should I be worried?

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Ventured into my bittercold back courtyard to revel at the lunar eclipse. Today I began to formalize a new business/creative venture that’s been simmering for awhile – my own twist on the ‘sound library’ concept. I want to be reading about it on the pink newsprint of The Financial Times within four years.

Sailor and I are taking a cold dusktime backyard break from a long day spent preparing taxes. I finally have backing bands lined up for my upcoming Australian shows next month. The Fumes will join me in Sydney — they’re young, and raucous in a Queens of The Stone Age kinda way. And I’ll have a big ol’ band for Bluesfest. Now that those plans are sorted out, I can start dreaming about the South Pacific sunlight on my face. And the ultra-vivid colors. The surf, the surfing, the flat white coffee, the radiant people.

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From: Mark R mark@…com
To: Megan <megan@…com>
Re: RE: steel enquiry
Sent: Sat, 02/18/08 11:58AM

Looking at your email address-and being a recent transplant from Atlanta’s music scene to NYC – I saw your url name and… without sounding too geeky… I really love what you are doing for the lap steel community Megan. I was playing lap for years in everything from country gothic blues hybrids to shit-kickin’ country gigs and everyone said “man, what is that thing?” Now–and largely b/c of your work–I have many many students who not only know what the thing is, but are enthusiastic and literate beyond “just country” or Ben Harper/David Lindley licks. I have one student who talked INCESSANTLY about a show of yours and she is doing great on the steel learning all that old Hank stuff. So thanks.
Mark R

Duke Levine and Kevin Barry give good guitar. They’ve been driving down from Boston every Sunday this month to elicit primordial yells from the New Yorkers packed into Banjo Jim’s. Amy played before them, with Jon Graboff on guitar.

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From: Nicholas F
To: Megan
Re: Roll Up Piano – THANK YOU
Sent: Sat, 02/16/08 10:04PM

Dear Megan,

My daughter loved the piano; it was a complete hit. She wrapped it in a blanket and took it to bed with her….but not before several renditions of ‘yankee doodle’ from her starter music book.

We await mozart!


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