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To: Megan <megan@…com>
Re: RE: steel enquiry
Sent: Sat, 02/18/08 11:58AM

Looking at your email address-and being a recent transplant from Atlanta’s music scene to NYC – I saw your url name and… without sounding too geeky… I really love what you are doing for the lap steel community Megan. I was playing lap for years in everything from country gothic blues hybrids to shit-kickin’ country gigs and everyone said “man, what is that thing?” Now–and largely b/c of your work–I have many many students who not only know what the thing is, but are enthusiastic and literate beyond “just country” or Ben Harper/David Lindley licks. I have one student who talked INCESSANTLY about a show of yours and she is doing great on the steel learning all that old Hank stuff. So thanks.
Mark R