I’ll drive back to New York in a few days, transporting this breathtaking five-foot-wide mirror…I found it at an otherwise-glum estate sale yesterday. I’m working on my arrangement of Bob Dylan’s “Just Like a Woman” for the tribute I’m show I’m a part of on Saturday. It’s The New York Guitar Festival’s ‘Royal Albert Hall Project,’ where Dylan’s legendary 1966 concert will be re-performed in its original running order. I was pleased to be granted my first choice of songs.

“I just can’t fit
Yes, I believe it’s time for us to quit
When we meet again
Introduced as friends
Please don’t let on that you knew me when
I was hungry and it was your world.
You fake just like a woman, yes, you do
You make love just like a woman, yes, you do
Then you ache just like a woman
But you break just like a little girl.”

– Bob Dylan, “Just Like a Woman”

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