My tour of Australia ends today with a day-long string of flights back to New York City, where it’s cold and slushy. Our layover is in Fiji, where a massive cyclone is finishing its business. I’ve talked with hundreds of Australians during my time here, and I’ve found that no-one takes for granted that (s)he’s living life in a gloriously beautiful part of the world. It’s a magical place, and they know it. I find the people here to have a sort of intrinsic spirituality, while still being breezily good-natured. I feel a deep connection to this place, and can’t wait to come back in March to perform at Bluesfest in Byron Bay and do more touring – hopefully New Zealand too. I’d so love to spend a few weeks here writing music in someone’s carriage house. But for now, farewell Australia. My dog misses me.