Friday, November 23rd, 2007

A clutch of Melbourne’s punk rock teenagers at their ritual hangout on the
stairs of the Flinders Street Station near our hotel. Same vibe as Astor Place in NYC. On
the plane here I watched the recent documentary about Joe Strummer of The
Clash. Without him, would they be employed at the mall gaining valuable
interpersonal skills, muse I?



The quality of sunlight here in Australia reminds me muchly of my
experience of Singapore – vivid, vivid, vivid. Melbourne surprised me with
its a shocks of urban color and bold architecture, and the people were just
popping with good spirits during my walk at 7pm… it’s a Friday in
Springtime here, after all. This photo is taken over the Yarra River which
winds through Melbourne. Rich and I did a live radio show on PBS just hours
after arriving on a 21-hour flight, then rehearsed at the hotel with Lauren
Mitchell who’s joining us from New Zealand. I am spent but content.