“Megan, some days music is a sh*t sandwich.” My musician buddy Pete Galub offered me those lofty words of consolation several years ago outside a New York City club where I’d just had a disappointing show and was feeling bleak about having chosen a life in the music business. Today, music was a sh*t sandwich. Majorly. So I was glad to run across these old photographs among my now-departed father’s personal effects: me in my pink sixth grade graduation dress, delightedly posing with my folks and my first guitar, in 1985 or so…a used electric bass that I’d asked for as my graduation present, which I still have. I’ve gotta keep it real. So for now, I’ll pile on the relish and hope that tomorrow is a BLT.

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Brooklyn, NY: Music is a Sh*t Sandwich Originally uploaded by MeganFromTheLastTownChorus