Saturday, November 10th, 2007

New York, NY: Lower East Steel
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Braving the Lower East Side on a weekend to meet Amy at Mercury Lounge to hear Laura Cantrell play. Laura and Amy recently co-wrote a lovely song called ‘Can’t Wait,’ which was premiered tonight and sounded fab. Mark Spencer brought a lap steel just for one tune. I always love hearing him play.

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Spent a couple cold Saturday afternoon hours playing pool in a warm lounge with Nat. He’s the first person who handed me a lap steel guitar. In 2001. It was the 1940s Oahu guitar, which he eventually sold to me after ceaseless begging. Nat’s a southern gentleman. He was my musical ‘other half’ for a couple years, back when The Last Town Chorus had two people at its helm, instead of just moi. Feels like that was another lifetime…     (Sent from mobile phone.)

Brooklyn, NY: Red Felt Originally uploaded by MeganFromTheLastTownChorus