On this third day of regimented creative time, I’m blessed with a flood of ideas, whilst cursed with the limitations of my hands and brain in translating them into¬†recorded demos using acoustic guitar and keys – I don’t feel truly at home on any instrument except lap steel. As I sit here for hours in front of ProTools, lamely clubbing away at my acoustic guitar like a somewhat talented 2nd grader, I can nary comprehend how I managed to record the half-decent demos for the last album, ‘Wire Waltz.’ Mercifully, while I laboured to demo one song (‘Runway’) another almost fully-formed new song suddenly dropped down out of the ether (working title ‘Trouble.’ I want Jay-Z on it. Seriously.) Anyrate. Back to the salt mines for a bit before an evening of phone interviews for Australian press.

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Brooklyn, NY: Demo Vortex
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