Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Megan from The Last Town Chorus Originally uploaded by pjmorse

Photo taken by an audience member using a mobile phone. Webster Hall, NYC, October 30, 2007.

In between songs in our set at Paradise Rock Club, I took this photo of these girls on the balcony. They yelped and screeched sweet nothings during the whole set. Rock on, girls.

(Sent from mobile phone. Currently on North American Tour with Weakerthans.)

Boston, MA: Balcony Girls Originally uploaded by MeganFromTheLastTownChorus

In the few days immediately following a tour, I’m often a bit existentially crooked and uneasy. So I’ve decided that this time around, I’m going to draw and paint whenever I’m stricken with the urge to take my thoughts seriously. We’ll see how that goes. During the Weakerthans’ soundcheck, I picked up some stuff from an art supply shop a few doors down from the club on Commonwealth Street. Curious term, “art supplies.”

(Sent from mobile phone. Currently on North American Tour with Weakerthans.)Boston, MA: “Art Supplies” Originally uploaded by MeganFromTheLastTownChorus

It’s the last night of our tour supporting the Weakerthans.

(Sent from mobile phone.)

Boston, MA: Paradise Originally uploaded by MeganFromTheLastTownChorus